Rebuilding can still be exciting.

The effort to rebuild memories and construct new dreams can be daunting. We hope to bring the excitement back to this process. We are there from the beginning of design to the certificate of occupancy. Every home presents unique challenges, but our goal is to get you back in your home in a more resilient, sustainable, and safer way.  

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Brian Baer talks with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) about the steps of recovery from a disaster and how disability advocates promote the use of "universal design." Universal design is planning a space with accommodations such as elevators or lifts, to assist anyone, with or without a disability particularly when the home is elevated.

See Brian Baer at the Resilient New York: Architecture and Urban Planning in the Face of Climate Change at Columbia University, as he explains what happens during the post disaster reconstruction and design period.

How to Avoid a Renovation Nightmare

Finding a reliable contractor is crucial for any home improvement project. But what do you do if you get a bad one?