Our Mission:

The Elevated Studio promotes social equity by expanding access to socially-responsible design that helps communities achieve economic and physical resilience and sustainability.

Our Vision:

We believe that every member of a community should have access to and benefit from socially-responsible design. We believe that social, economic, and physical resilience and sustainability are intertwined and within reach to all.

  • We educate the property owner, and empower those directly affected to make wise and appropriate decisions towards their environment.

  • We educate design and construction professionals, and empower those who are trained to lead a community towards excellence.

  • We cooperate, communicate, coordinate, and collaborate with like-minded agencies, sharing ideas to create a larger network of professionals to support the communities that we work in.

  • We engage government agencies, promoting the ideas generated by the residents and businesses of their jurisdiction that aim to implement the desires and needs of the community.  

Our goal is to renegotiate the relationship between residents and their neighborhood with the built and natural environment in a timeless way. We seek a solution that employs education and collaboration to elevate community after community to achieve equality.