Our staff is collaborating with our partners in the regions that Hurricane Michael impacted. We remain dedicated to coordinating necessary response to the hazard, and are in communication with teams in the area. Once the impacted areas are safer to enter, we will provide the collaborative effort in assisting with property assessments and starting the recovery process.

Our thoughts are with the families and first responder teams in the impacted areas.

Our Mission.

The Elevated Studio promotes social equality by expanding access to values-driven design that helps individuals and communities achieve economic and physical resilience and sustainability.


Every family and community that we are working with is going through a transition.  Some are subtle, some are deliberate, some significantly alter the landscape.  Each community's needs are unique as they need to be adapted to the vernacular.  Regardless of the change, the impact that our work has is based on a timeless path of resilience and sustainability.  We are grateful and honored to be working as closely as we do with such amazing individual home owners, business leaders, nonprofit agencies and elected officials.  To all of you, thank you.  

Looking forward ~BB



Founded by design professionals aiming to elevate individuals and communities through design excellence.

We believe that every member of community should have access to and benefit from design excellence.  We believe that social, economic, and physical resilience and sustainability are intertwined and within reach to all.

By educating professionals, we empower those who are trained to lead a community towards excellence.
By educating the property owner, we empower those directly affected to make wise and appropriate decisions towards their environment.
By collaborating with like-minded agencies, we share ideas to create a larger network of professionals to support the communities that we work in.
By engaging government agencies, we share the ideas generated by the residents and businesses of their jurisdiction that aim to implement the desires and needs of the community.  

Our goal is to renegotiate the relationship between residents and their communities and the built and natural environment in a timeless way. We seek a solution that employs education and collaboration to elevate community after community to achieve excellence.