As part of a community, we constantly strive to move towards a more resilient lifestyle. To do this, we periodically hold meetings and events with other community members and organizations to share their ideas and experiences. We use these events as a means to assess what works, what needs improvement, and to collectively design strategies and solutions to help rebuild and lift up communities in an ever changing political, social, and environmental climate.

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community charrettes

In the midst of recovery, it is often the infrastructure of a community that gets overlooked. It is these community spaces that create the fabric and essence of what existed prior to a storm. We work to bring the community together to articulate these forgotten spaces of recovery in the form of a charrette. The power of the community comes in working together to create a vision, allowing them to advocate for themselves. 


regional recovery collaborative

The Elevated Studio facilitated the first of several collaborative working sessions that looks at and analyzes regional recovery strategies for the Tri-State Area.  Utilizing and understanding past documentation and promising practices for the region will help guide the development of these strategies.  The goal of these sessions is to create an inclusive, adaptable and transparent recovery template that is proactive towards a post-disaster, survivor-centric environment.